Our Core Services

Landscape Services: 

- Landscape Design & Consultation
- Landscape Installation (Tree, Shrub, Perennial, Ornamental Grasses, Groundcover, Vines, and more)
- Landscape Maintenance (Mulching, Pruning, Bed Edging, Irrigation, Weed Control, and more)


Turf Care Services: 

- Turf Care (Weed Control, Dethaching, and Core Aeration)

- Turf Anaylis & Treatment (Soil Testing, Lime & Fertilization, Soil Amendments, and more)

- Turf Installation (Sod & Seed)


Hardscaping Services: 

- Drainage solutions (French Drains, Swales, Downspout extenstions, and more)
- Hardscaping (Patios, Walls, Walkways, Stepping Stones, Fences, Edging, and more)

- Water Features (Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls, and more)


Other Services:

- Property Maintenance (Power washing, Leaf Removal, Staining & Painting, etc.)

- Deer Fencing, Repellant, and management solutions


Some of the materials we use include:

- Natural Stone, Brick, Block, Flagstone, Slate, Timber, Steel.

- Reclaimed and Recycled products.

- Organic & Local

About Us
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We're a small company dedicated to providing premier workmanship, quality plants, and outstanding customer service.


Owner, Graham Howe has his degree in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University, is a Virginia Certified Landscape Designer and is also a Virginia Certified Horticulturist. 

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Landscape Services:

- Landscape Design & Consultation
- Landscape Installation 

- Landscape Maintenance


Turf Care:
- Soil Analysis 

- Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Applications

- Liming & Fertilization Treatment

- Core Aeration, Seeding, Sod Installation


Hardscape Services:

- Patio & Wall construction

- Stepping Stone installation

- Privacy, Ornamental, & Deer Fencing 

- Garden Boxes


Other Services:

- Drainage Services

- Property Maintenance

- Leaf Removal

- Powerwashing



"We bring nature back to the urban landscape"

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