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Lawn Maintenance Calendar

January / February

Begin the year with a soil test and let us help you design an annual lawn maintenance program specifically suited to your lawn. Your soil analysis will tell us the pH level of your soil is and if it should be corrected.

March / April

In March we recommend applying a professional pre-emergent herbicide and light fertilizer application over your entire lawn. The fertilizer will "kick-start" your lawn while the pre-emergent herbicide stops crabgrass and other grasses from becoming established.

In April we recommend applying a professional post - emergent herbicide to help control annual and perennial broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, clover, and chickweed.

May / June

Early summer is an ideal time to target insects to stop pest damage. A professional insecticide can be applied on problem areas.

July / August

During the hot season we recommend applying an organic fertilizer or compost to feed your soil and strengthen the beneficial fungi found in the soil. Mid summer heat and humidity can trigger fungal diseases such as brown patch; this can be treated with a professional fungicide on problem areas.

September / October

The early fall is the optimal period out of the entire year to make major improvements to your turf grass. We recommend repairing and renovating your lawn by core aerating, liming, fertilizing, and seeding during this period for the best results. This is also an ideal time to supplement the organic matter in your soil by adding compost.

November / December

Late fall is the last opportunity to strengthen your turf before the stresses return. We recommend a second fertilizer application during this period to strengthen the roots of your turf. Cool season turf grass should receive at least 50% of its total annual fertilization requirement during this period.


If you desire a lush green lawn and rich healthy soils without the stress of weeds, please contact us to setup a site visit. Our turf professionals will get you started down the road to a more satisfying landscape!


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